• repair of turbine units, generators of all types, activators;
  • repair of nuclear reactors, including vessels, branch pipes, reactor opening, upper units, in vessel devices, technological channels, biological protection, thermal insulation, the equipment of safety related systems and other equipment of primary side;
  • repair of pretension systems of protective vessel of NPP reactor building, including installation/dismantle and tension of strings;
  • repair of fuel pools, including repair of pressurizing facing and replacement of racks for placement of fuel elements;
  • repair of metal pressurizing protective facings of premises of accident izolation system;
  • repair of steam generators, including intra vessel devices, modernization of systems of distribution of feedwater, systems of measurement of water level, surge systems, replacement of safety valves, installation of additional perforated sheets, change for sealing of thermoexpanded graphite (TRG), etc.
  • repair of power equipment and pipelines of safety related systems;
  • repair of heat exchangers of all types, with repair, replacement and reconstruction of pipe systems, including condenser with Rubber Balls Cleaning System, High Pressure Heater with reconstruction of pipe system, Low Pressure Heater with reconstruction and replacement of pipe bunches, Moisture Separator including reconstruction of system intermediate heating with replacement of pipe distributing for corrosion-proof, cladding (metal working) and replacement of pipe boards, replacement of tube units, reconstruction of separation part, replacement of separation part;
  • repair of pumping equipment with systems of their provision, including Main Circulating Pumps, including replacement of hermetic shirts containment pumps;
  • repair of valves of all types, including reactor and turbine compartments, including Main Isolation Valves;
  • repair of pipelines of all types, including Main Circulating Pipelines, circuits of repeated forced circulation, including pressing and cladding of welded joints of Du300, replacement of control rods cooling and cleaning circuits, etc;
  • repair of power equipment and pipelines of special water purification, chemical water purification;
  • repair of power equipment of boiler rooms, including steam and water-heating boilers, pipelines of steam and hot water, including adjustment of systems of boiler rooms after repair and reconstruction;
  • repair of power transformers of all types with power up to 1250000 kVA inclusive and up to 1150 kV inclusive, air circuit-breakers from 220 to 750 KV;
  • repair of the I&C equipment and systems, including fibra cables;
  • repair and installation of the hydraulic equipment, including hydroshock-absorbers;
  • installation, using welding and nondestructive control methods, of power equipment;
  • repair, installation, commissioning and adjustment of technological ventilation and conditioning systems, automation systems, electrotechnical devices, electrical and power equipment and pipelines of diesel-generator stations;
  • development of technological documentation;
  • preparation and control procedure of base metal, welded joints and cladding: capillary control, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic control, Eddy current control; tightness control; ultrasonic measurement of thickness; tests for firmness against intergranula corrosion;
  • construction of the objects, intended for storage of radioactive waste;
  • radioactive waste handling: reduction of volume of radwaste due to fragmentation, pressing, and decontamination; packing of the fragmented and processed radwaste; enclosion of loose radwaste in matrix; processing by methods of melting and burning; maintenance and repair of installations according to routine documentation; partial return of the cleared substances and materials to sanitary standards for reuse in the industry;
  • installation, maintenance and repair of installations on processing of solid radioactive substances;
  • dismantle of the equipment out of service with its cutting, including with use of remote operated devices;
  • coating by erosion-resistant protecting material, restoration of sliding supporting surfaces using technology of gas-flame coating;
  • repair of corrosion-resistant coatings and metal coatings of equipment, pipelines and structures;
  • installation, replacement, repair of polyethylene pipelines using directional boring technology;
  • installation of all types of thermal insulation, including quick-detachable on equipment and pipelines;
  • elimination of leaks and fistulas on equipment and pipelines without their shutdown using thermosetting pastes;
  • performance of technological apertures, openings, penetrations with use of boring equipment;
  • preparation and production of heat treatment of equipment and pipelines, including low-temperature processing with release and annealing of collectors of PGV-1000 steam generators;
  • hydrodynamic, gasdynamical, gasthermodynamical, electrohydropulse, equipment mechanical cleaning and decontamination, including heat-exchanging equipment, pipelines, metalwork, rooms, buildings and structures of nuclear plants;
  • repair, modernization at performance of the following operations with use of remote operated, including self-moving and automated devices: gas cutting of pipes, heat-exchanging devices, vessels and other objects (thickness of 4-50 mm); plasma cutting of vessels and pipelines; remote cleaning of outer and inner surfaces of metal and welded connections of pipelines, tanks by means of devices with active and passive control.


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