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To ensure the quality of training and certification of personnel, in order to improve the work of vocational training, improve and maintain the qualification of maintenance personnel in March 2008, it was decided to set up two training centers at the JSC "Atomenergoremont".

The need for this is explained by that, although the nuclear industry as a whole "blue-collar" account for 18% of the staff, in our organization 74% of employees has working specialties: mechanics, welders, fitters, etc. Difficulties in training of workers in state and municipal schools made JSC "Atomenergoremont" to take the case on our own.

For training were obtained all the necessary documents: educational license, accreditation in Rostechnadzor, accreditation in the area of health physics. Training is conducted on 170 licensed programs, including basic training for 39 working specialties. Every year in the centers are trained and retrained twice more people than the number in the organization - many are trained during the year several times.

Training Centre (TC) in Novovoronezh provides training of the personnel on repair of NPP power mechanical equipment, as well as development and implementation of new repair technologies. Training programs are focused to give to the students knowledge on the organization of the main equipment of nuclear power plants, disassembly and assembly technologies, types and methods of repair.There are programs of initial training, refresher programs and professional development programs. The main directions of training:

  • Repair of turbines;
  • Repair of heat exchanger equipment;
  • Repair of pumps;
  • Repair of pipes and fittings;
  • Flaw detection;
  • Welding.

Great attention is paid to practical training on samples and models of power equipment on the principle of "better to see once than hear a hundred times."

On the practical classes students acquire skills of work with the tool, special equipment and machines. If on the site there are no necessary samples of equipment, there are used computer 3D-models and multimedia films on equipment disassembly and assembly.

Training Centre (TC) provides training directly in classrooms and on the training site, as well as in other branches with seconding of instructors. Also is organized by distance internet training.

JSC "Atomenergoremont" annually holds in the training center professional competitions for repairmen of RTE with a demonstration of practical skills.

Personnel training section of Kurskatomenergoremont prepares specialists in the repair of turbines, generators, power transformers, etc. In addition to the main areas, it also provides training for newly hired workers on occupational safety and radiation safety, training for the right of admission to work with electric and pneumatic tools. During training of machinists park of machines of JSC "Atomenergoremont" branches is used. The main training areas are:

  • Certification in areas of "Rostechnadzor" (Health, Safety);
  • Training and certification of welders;
  • Non-destructive control;
  • Repair of electrical equipment;
  • Vibration monitoring and balancing of basic equipment;
  • Metalworks;
  • Repair of I&C equipment.

In personnel training section there is organized the library of technical literature, which is updated using regulatory and technical literature, textbooks and subscriptions, educational posters.

Training section responds flexibly to the orders of the branches for specialists training. Considering the schedule of outages, training needs and specific areas of activities of the branches engineering teaching staff nine months of the year makes business trips for conducting training and certification of personnel on sites.

If necessary, instructors adapt to the schedule of trained personnel. For example, training of KurskAER machinists was held in two stages - theoretical training and practical skills worked out directly on the production base of KuskAER, under the guidance of instructors.

The presence at JSC "Atomenergoremont" of training section responds the important challenges such as the absence on regional labor markets skilled workers of the required specialties, low initial qualifications level of workers, lack of ability to attract skilled workers from other regions for permanent residence.


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